Thursday, 14 June 2018

My Speech Critique

Today my class had to present their speech.I talked about how I think bullying should be banned.  I made sure that I had a clear voice and I used expression in my voice to.The other thing was I made sure that i had a little bit of eye contact.The challenging part was when I couldn't stop moving around and 
also  I was are little bit scared but I did a good job


  1. Kia ora Angel-Rose,
    Thanks for sharing your speech and your reflection on your blog. You are right, it is pretty scary saying a speech! I like the topic you have chosen and the statements you have made around bullying. It is very unpleasant behaviour and will definitely stop children from learning and enjoying coming to school. What kind of strategies do you use in your class to make sure everyone is always kind and thoughtful to others?

  2. Hi Angel-Rose I was unable to hear your speech but it looked like You where making lots of eye contact ad It looked amazing. Blog you later