Wednesday, 21 August 2019

WALT: Gather information and facts from the internet about The Rugby World Cup?

WALT:Find facts and information from the internet about a person

My Marks for the Piece of Writing

WALT: use a rubric to mark a piece of writing
SC:I will use the rubric to mark and then write Why I gave it that mark.
I will add the total of points together and give it a level.

 In our  Tautoro School  we have so many new students who have enrolled  in our school. Because of the new enrollments every time we have a  powhiri or assembly we  always get squashed, and we feel really uncomfortable. So the facility that is needed in Tautoro School  is  a new  hall.
Why do we need a hall?

First a  hall is needed by Tautoro School because when we have new students enrolling in our school, every new child needs  a powhiri.  There are more students enrolling  into our school every week and we are  feeling really squashed in our small library.  If we had a hall our manuhiri would  feel more comfortable and they would  be able to shake everybody's hands without pushing past students and then they would feel very welcomed, comfortable and feel more relaxed.

Secondly: if we had a community hall we would also be able to play sports inside.   If it was raining or if it became too hot.  Then we wouldn't be missing out on our fitness and fitness  makes you feel good and it exercises your brain. And this would help students to concentrate more in class.

Another reason why we need a hall is so that we could get a kitchen built in the hall then we would be able to have technology at our school instead of travelling to town to use another school's kitchen.  We would be able to  learn how to cook and bake and then we would be able to help our whanau cook and bake at home.

Last of all we need  a hall because our community would be able to use the hall in the weekend which will bring  all our local communities together for meetings or  gala days.

In conclusion, I strongly believe we need a community hall at our school because our  Tautoro school community  is growing every week with new students enrolling into our school. It is important  that we have a new hall so that we won't be squashed and then we would feel comfortable and  then  we would listen better because we would all feel relaxed. If we don't have a hall we will always feel squashed and we will not have enough room in our teeny library for new students.

Score     Reasons why you have given this mark

5: Because they have lots of ideas that connect to the topic and each idea is supported by
Extra information.

Structure Language
5:  Because their writing is structured appropriately and is well developed.

5: Because their ideas are organised into basic paragraphs.

4: Because they used a range of words and phrases to add detail and give specific information.

Sentence Structure
5: Because they can write a variety of sentences that are grammatically correct.

4: Because they  always use full stops and capital letters correctly.

5: Because they can spell the majority of Essential List words correctly .

33    4P

Thursday, 15 August 2019

This is my Paper Chair Engineering Challenge.

S What is the science behind this challenge? 

To create a chair that can  hold a stuffed

animal using only paper and tape

Big enough for him to sit in 

Research this topic using books or

and the internet record any information you may find.

1.we need a six inch piece of paper.  

2.The paper should be divided

into 6 pieces  

3.we need to crease it well so

that it can break easily. 

4.Follow the instruction and rules

that we have been given.

 E What was your design solution for  this challenge? 

Make 4 sturdy rolls  of paper into a tube and leave

a little square piece of paper.

Then  wrap the paper tubes tightly with tape so that they don't come undone. ...

Tape the four legs to the seat of the chair 

and then just add on. 

What data can you record for this
  1. Record how much
  2. tape and paper we use.
  3. Record how much time 
  4. we took
  5. Record how much weight
  6. it could lift.

Student Lab Sheet: Paper Chair Challenge                    
My Questions?
Did I participate in my group?
Did we work together?
Did we complain about our chair?

Were you successful in the challenge? Why?
Yes because we were working together without no arguing
And we were doing what we were told.

What was the most difficult part of the challenge? 
 The most difficult part  of the challenge was
Sticking the tape onto both pieces of paper so that they would
stick together.

What was the best idea you came up with during this challenge?
Sticking little paper under our tubes so that it would
stand up properly so that it  would not fall down.

Did your paper chair work? Why or Why not?  
Yes Because we had stuck our little tubes in the right
position for the chair to stand up and we had
stuck little pieces of paper under the tubes so that it will stand
up straight and hold weight.

What type of chair design did you use? Why?
We had made it a high chair so that we could see if Our chair could the
teddy bear .Because if we had a low chair  that would be cheating and
we wouldn’t know if the chair would of held the teddy bear.

What did you learn about construction and engineering during this challenge? 
I had learnt that you can rip the paper by just folding it and creasing it so
that it will break.

I also had learnt that sticking little pieces of paper under the tube
would make it stand up  properly.

Monday, 17 June 2019

I have been learning about Public vs Private information

We are learning to create a positive digital footprint.

During Cybersmart we have been learning about how to understand the difference between public and private information.we had also done an activity that was about this After that we were learning about what’s in your digital footprint by watching a video .We had found out on the video that our digital foot print can be searched,copied,shared,broadcast and is permanent.The two questions that were asked were:1.What kind of digital foot print are you leaving?
2.What kind of digital footprint do you want to be leaving ?

Spelling week 8

Write out 5 times every night or day

March                   form large                      someone
April                      thorn charge                   something
May                      marble strange                  sometimes
Trust                     tumble stranger                 stable

Word   Hunt Complete these sentences with words from your spelling list

  1. The word with the most vowels is ______someone and sometimes _________________________
  2. The shortest word in the list is ___May____________________
  3. Three months are named in the list.  The only letter common to all is _April________________
  4.  Another word for big is ____large ____________________

Which words in the list have smaller words inside them?
  1.  Or______form _________   and _thorn ______________
  2. Ranger _____stranger__________________________
  3. Arch_____march ________________________

Write five sentences using your spelling words.

1. Strange is an unusual or surprising way that is
unsettling or hard to understand.e.g It’s strange that nobody told me about this before.

2. Large is a considerable or relativity a great size e.g There is a large amount of butter
To put in the banana cake mixture.

3.There is nothing more striking in geography than the perfection of the adjustment of a a great
River system to it’s valleys when the land has remained  stable for a long period of time.

4.May is the fifth month of the year in the calendar and the third of seven months to have a length of 31


Public Vs private info

My Reading for Week 4-7

This is my Reading planning from last week we had 3 weeks to complete 3 presentation.3 of my  presentations are below and my link to the reading planing is below too.

My Reading Planing

1: Chinese New Year Presentation

2:Diwali Presentation

3: Matariki Presentation

Monday, 20 May 2019

Scratch Jr

WALT:use Scratch Junior in different ways from using the instructions we have been given.

These are the coding we have done.I am learning to code in different ways.We had used Scratch Jr

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Going Fishing

   WALT: use the correct structure for a recount
I will have a title
I will have an orientation(who what where when how)
I will use sequence words (first,next,after,then,finally)
I talked about how I felt

Going fishing

On  Monday the first week of the School Holidays,my family and I set off to Kaeo.We were going fishing on a boat.When we were heading to keao,we stopped at the dairy in Ohaeawai.My Mum said we could get a Ice cream and we could choose whatever flavour  we wanted.There were so many flavours to choose from. But I  preferred Vanilla.The Journey to Kaeo was long but I had fun in the back of the car licking my Ice cream.

Soon as we arrived at the bach in keao I was so excited that we were going fishing and that it was the Holidays.When we had met my Cousins and my Aunty and Uncle.We started to unpack.Soon as we had finished My Aunty  had made us lunch It was fishn chips they were yum because
It was the first time in for a long time that I had tasted fresh fish from the sea.

The Next Morning it was pitch-black and chilly It was the Morning  when we had to wake up early to go fishing. Before we had left we had to have a pie so that we wouldn’t get hungry and we also had to put on warm clothes so that we wouldn’t get cold on the boat  but as soon as we left the sun had came up.As soon as we got onto the water  we started moving to the area
Where we saw some fish jumping there were heaps one after one we had kept on catching them. We gone there to get  some bait.

Later on when we had finished catching our bait we went where we always catch Kingfish.It took almost an hour for the Kingfish to hook on to our line It was so long that I wanted to go home. But as soon as we were hooked on to a Kingfish my cousin went to get the rod.And when he was winding it in his legs were shaking like jelly and his arms were tired like he wanted to let it go it looked as he was struggling it also looked like he was getting pulled in. “do you need help”my uncle asked but he said he was alright.But as soon as he got his Kingfish in the boat.He said it was my turn to pull in a Kingfish I said “no way that’s hard”. So he had a turn and then he had got another Kingfish it also had taken a long period of time.  After that we left because A lot of boats were coming in so we were off.Soon as  we got the Boat on the trailer my uncle said to my cousin that they could have a turn tomorrow.

Finally we had got home and  tooken a photo of me and my cousin holding a Kingfish. While my cousins were having an Ice cream my uncle said to me  that this would be them. shortly after when I was carrying the Kingfish It was so slimy and it smelt stink It was was also heavy.

After that we  went to go watch TV I fell asleep watching tv.The next Morning I woke up and my mum was getting ready to leave.Soon as we had said goodbye I wanted to still wanted to go fishing. Because going fishing with my uncle and a few of my cousins,had made it the best holiday ever.

I had a good day out with my family because
We went fishing  for Kingfish.