Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Stop Motion - Pig Hunting

Pig Hunting

WALT: Create a stop motion animation to tell a story about how we celebrate Matariki.

Success Criteria:  I will

*Use small movements and take lots of photos.
*Work as a team with my group - so our hands don't show.
*Tell a story that is interesting to our audience.

It was really hard to keep the ipad still when taking photos, sometimes our arms would get sore.  Also, the music that we had cut out through the movie and we weren't quite sure how to fix that.

I think we did really well at telling our story, and our props and characters were done well.  We also worked as a team I was taking the photos.  Myer would say, "clear" which told me that her hands were out of the shot, so I could take a photo.  Sometimes her hand got in the way though.

I really liked creating this stop motion. It was lots of fun.

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  1. Kia Ora Angel-Rose, your Pig Hunting video was really great to watch. I had a really great time enjoying your video just not so long ago. My eyes were stunned the first time I watched this video. But maybe next time you could try and get your whit bottle out of the way. But overall nice work. Blog you later. :)