Wednesday, 14 March 2018

explanation writing - Kindness


Kindness is the quality of being friendly,generous,considerate and also it is a kind act. Kindness is something that brings friendship together and also it brings teamwork and it makes people happy so be a kind person.

Secondly  Kindness works by being a good friend and sharing with each other and it can also mean you can be very nice to them because that would make them so happy and very joyful kindness means you gotta treat your friend how they want to be treated so you can respect them and then they would treat you how you treated them and you can talk .

In conclusion Kindness is something that would help you be nice to someone and it would also help you make friends and it would  catch the person’s attention by saying a kind thing to them because they are being nice to you so be Kind to them then you would get the kindness feeling.

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