Thursday, 22 March 2018

Explanation Writing

                                                       Being a good Friend

 What is friendship?
Friendship is something between two people and these two people are friends. So if someone is honest to you all the time the other person will do the same thing you done to them. So be good friend to as many people as you can. Then you would have lots of friends.  Also so don’t lie to them.  Be honest cause when you lie to someone that lie turns real and when they find out the right thing they would start getting angry or maybe sad because you were being mean to them or maybe ignoring them. So be a good friend.

If the person is from another culture respect them so then they would also respect you. So make friends and they would learn the the things that you do because they are from another culture and then they would get used to the other person culture and they would be your friend forever. Be friendly.

What does Being a good friend mean?
Friendship means supporting someone in a game or maybe if they lose make them happy and support them. If the winner is being mean to the loser, cheer them up and say they did a good job  means they are a your friend because they appreciate you for what they have done to you then they would be a nice friend. So care for your friend.

In conclusion you should be a good friend to someone because they would be your friend they would see you everyday and every morning if they are your neighbour  or someone else you met in public,or maybe at the park. But If you don’t follow these things I’ve told you Then you would maybe be lonely and you won’t have any you should be a good friend to someone then you would be happy.

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