Sunday, 8 April 2018

bucket filling

                                                How to be an Amazing bucket filler?
Did you know everybody in the whole wide world carrys an invisible
Bucket on their heads including you?.When you are a bucket filler
Your goal is to help fill someone’s bucket with putups,positive/delighted
Comments and joyful smiles so they feel happy and cheerful.So there bucket would be fill to.yours would also get fill  because your helping them and when someone is being naughty just walk away or tell a teacher.then you would eventually put a bucket lid on your bucket.

One way by being a bucket filler is showing someone respect and honesty and you could also show them manakitanga and you can
Also smile at them if they are a new person oh and show them where to go if they are lost.Bucket filling works by helping others and giving putups to the people who done a good job.

In conclusin Bucket filling is important because if there wouldn’t
Be bucket filling people will be not nice they would be terrible people
And we would be fighting so that’s why you should not be  a terrible
Person so If you follow this Information you would be a terrible person
So be a good person

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