Monday, 9 April 2018



Title   sportsmanship
What is  sportsmanship  When you play any sport there are always winners or losers. Sportsmanship isn't  all about winning. It’s all about having fun and having a good time .  Also, sportsmanship is showing respect to others like your teammates,coach,opponents and the Referee. 

What does sportsmanship mean  Being A good sports person means playing fairly. 
You can play fairly by using the tikanga hoe such as following the rules of the game. As a result  your teammates,coach,referee and the other team they will follow and respect you.

Also, sportsmanship means  sharing  the ball because if you do the other people who are playing the game will share the ball too.  You build whakawhanaungatanga or good teamwork and trust. 
In Conclusion It is important to show sportsmanship because you will be a good sports person. If you are good sports person on the field, then you will also be a good  in the classroom, at home ,In public, you will show manaakitanga  tikanga from outside  of the classroom and that’s why you should be a good sportsmanship.

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